AM-logo-w-gy-bl_1300x1300Agency Manager provides world-class software and services to model, artist and talent agencies. We develop, install, maintain, support, and optimize systems for: agency booking, imaging, accounting, tax, and financial management globally, with both remote and local support.

Agency Manager offers five software solutions: 1) AgencyMGR, 2) Booker, 3) BLINK, 4) GLUE & 5) Financials, which are available installed on-premise, or as cloud/web-based smart applications.  It’s software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) done right.

AgencyMGR software is highly-functional, reliable, and fast. It offers critical, time-saving, agency-specific functionality, detailed tracking, reporting and transparency, for model, talent, artist, client, tax, and mother agency accounts. It can also be configured and customized to fit your unique needs, upon request.

Booker is THE modern, cloud Booking System — beautifully-designed, easy-to-use, runs on Mac/Windows, fully integrated (all-in-one!) with superb imaging and Web-content management, a tablet version, and a mobile phone app — for model, talent & artist agencies.

The BLINK & GLUE are our integration tools: the Booking LINK to accounting, and the G/L Update/Export to your localized Financials.

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