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Model Management vs. Model Management?

It’s pretty confusing out there!  Everybody says they do “model management” including Agency Manager!   Let’s look at what’s really going on…

A quick online search on “model management” will bring up 100+ pages of results, but after you sort out the ones that are about mathematical models, software coding and/or other data modeling,  you’re still left with a lot of companies offering software and services that claim to be doing model management.

If you search instead on “model management software” it cuts down the results a little, but not much (-10%?).  However, the top search results using these words are the ones we really want to focus on and sort out our differences with…in other words, we want to differentiate our “model management software” solution from theirs!

Disclaimer: We are not experts in all (6-8 of ’em, as far as we could tell) the systems and software out there that claim to do “model management”, so there may be a margin of error or a few outright mistakes in our conclusions. However, after years in and around the model/agency business, a few chats with industry buddies, and some pretty thorough online research we are pretty sure each conclusion here will qualify (at worst) as a “best guess” rather than a “W.A.G.” (if you don’t know what a W.A.G. is, you can Google it…).

In any case, we present this information honestly, based on our best understanding, from a little bit of research…

What THEY do (as far as we can tell) is the “Front-Office”

What WE do (AgencyMGR) is the “Back-Office”

So, as you can see, they do what they do, and we do what they don’t do.  Or, we do what we do and they don’t.  Know what I mean?  🙂

In other words, the “front-office” model management solution is the business/sales and marketing engine, while the back-office AgencyMGR solution is where owners, business managers, accountants, lawyers and occasionally the IRS (or other tax authority) will come to for clear, detailed account information on how the business is doing…

And I can tell you we do what we do really, really well! AgencyMGR is proven, stable, fast, functional, audit-ready, transparent, and integrated to world-class, localized (country-specific) accounting!

NOTE: if any readers of this post work for, or are familiar with one or more of the “front-office” model management software solutions out there, and can identify one or more errors and/or omissions herein, please let me know!  Or please comment on this article, so all readers can see it…  

Thanks for checking out this blog post – spread the word about AgencyMGR!

See you at The Agency…


— Agency Manager —