5 Maneuvers Tech Biz Should Steal From The Fashion Industry

Intriguing blog title?  We also love the subtitle from this article, written by Brian Millar, on www.fastcodesign.com, one of our favorite tech/design/business blogs:

“What can the geek learn from the chic? Everything, darlings–everything.”

Well, at AgencyMGR, we are both nerds (now that its fashionable to be nerds) and fashionistas – we love tech, fashion, and making tech to run the fashion world – so of course we were intrigued by this article!  We present it here to you with our comments, and hope you enjoy it…

The article opens by stating, “Let’s face it. Technology is fashion.”  Who knew?!  Then it goes on to draw parallels between tech and fashion, how tech has learned from fashion, and how there are more things tech can “borrow” from fashion: branding, seasons, fame, labels, etc.  A fun, interesting and quick read. Here’s the link to the full article:


Photo/Image Credit: the “label” image above is NOT taken by AgencyMGR – it was pulled from the article, and appears to be a stock image with rights owned by ShutterStock and/or the photographer they represent.  It is presented here only for news purposes, with all copyrights and intellectual property retained by the owner(s).

As you can see, we take images, photographs and copyrights very seriously, in this internet, web and social media world!  Hey – images make the world go ’round, especially in fashion, the agencies we work with, and their clients – they are the core of branding…

See you at the Agency!

 – The AgencyMGR Team

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