Fashion for Entrepreneurs?

As Fashion Week wrapped up in NYC on February 14th (Valentine’s Day – how fitting…forgive the pun!), we spied this little gem on one of our favorite news/tech/social media blogs…  The AgencyMGR team loves technology (we’re a software company), business (of course), and fashion (our clients are model/talent agencies), so news articles like this one really float our boat–a mashup of all three, in one article on…

Personally (I’m Russ Murray, partner in AgencyMGR, and Father of two), my favorite part of this article is that it updates and reinforces simple, time-honored, fashion concepts, including: the classic black blazer, dark/black jeans as casual-but-not-too-casual modern business-wear (with no distressing!), etc.  These are classic, proven, yet also modern, timeless, fashion ideas (maybe with a New York bias), which I am trying to teach my 12-year-old daughter (since her mother won’t) right now, as she begs for yet another brand-name-emblazoned article of clothing!  She may be a little young still for lessons about how to dress fashionably for business, but since she is “interested” in and claims to love fashion, couture, and all that, I am trying to prep her for adult life, with a more subtle fashion sensibility, starting in her teen years, into college, and eventually the working world…  So, I liked this article, and sent the link to my daughter!  Wish me luck…  🙂

The article quotes Kat Griffin, author of a great business fashion blog (for women), you might want to check out, called “Corporette“, whose insightful comments about professional and fashionable “wardrobe staples”  apply to both genders.  Check out the full article by clicking here, on the picture below, or one of the links below it…


6 Items Every Entrepreneur Needs to Dress for Success

Article/Slideshow Page Link:

Hope you enjoy the article, even if you ALREADY know everything in it…

See you at the Agency!  🙂

 – AgencyManager  


IMAGES: the photos/images in this blog post are NOT OURS, but are re-posted from the article on  All copyrights to these images belong to their respective owners and copyright holders, and AgencyMGR makes no claim to them–presented here only for news purposes…  🙂

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