Instagram and Vine Shake Up Industry

Actually, the full headline of the article/post on read, “Instagram and Vine Shake Up NEWS Industry” but since this another “news-jacking” post, we thought we’d take some liberties…  The Mashable post is about NEWS but we have been blogging about Instagram’s (and Hipstamatic, etc.) impact on the FASHION  industry for years, so we’re news-jacking this one, and commenting from a  fashion and apparel point-of-view (POV)!! I expect you all know about Instagram a.k.a.: “IG” by now – the photo sharing service started a few years ago, known for square format, cool filters, rapid/viral growth, bought by Facebook in 2012 for $1B+ and growing fast since then…?  OK, you’d have to be living under a rock to not know about Instagram, and it’s almost anti-social to not have an account of your own by now!  🙂

ARodThe point Mashable makes about Instagram’s impact on NEWS  is that a picture ran in the NYTimes on March 31st (a few days ago), which was taken on an iPhone and edited in the Instagram app! OK, there have been some photojournalists and fashion photographers doing stuff with Instagram and iPhone apps like Hipstamatic for a couple of years now, so that’s not the big news, but in this case, Instagram made it into the
BIG LEAGUES (literally), because the subject of the photo was NY Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez!  What has us smirking about this one, is that the shot was taken in a bathroom at the Yankee’s Tampa training facility, since there was no studio or white seamless available – LOL!  But the picture looks great!  It’s not studio-quality, but it’s a great shot…although A-Rod’s got an odd look on his face…  

Since the beginning, AgencyMGR has enjoyed, participated in, and advocated for, Instagram and other image-based social media. We have discussed and commented on their impact on, and benefirts to business, branding, and fashion/apparel, in the following blog posts:

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Check out the AgencyMGR Instagram profile at:

Vine - video sharing appWhat is “Vine” then?  It’s a new, wacky video-sharing service – a mobile app – launched recently by Twitter, and catching on pretty quickly!  [More info about Vine on the Twitter blog…]  The WEIRD and wonderful thing about Vine, is the videos you can post/share are REALLY short – 6 seconds or LESS – so the clips are truly “clipped” and have to be focused and crafted to be interesting!  The visual effect of a 6-second-or-less video clip is like one of those animated .GIF-format banners/graphics.  People can post short video clips as-is, clipped out of longer videos, or edit together images or clips, with voice-overs, and other effects, to make dynamic, compelling, funny and/or mesmerizing little 6-second “video-bites”.

Of course, AgencyMGR jumped onto the Vine (profile name: “AgencyMGR”) as soon as we heard about it!  When we signed up, we were amused to find several of our agency clients already there – kudos to them!  There are other video-sharing services, most notably: 1) Viddy (with big-name, celebrity backers) and 2) Cloudee (nicer interface), but there is something cool and compelling about Vine‘s 6-second time limit on each video clip.  It’s almost like the “haiku” of videos, editing and sharing – brief, structured, carefully edited for message and impact.  A hint, a tease, a whisper, rather than the full story… Vine is like going a wine-tasting, sampling to see which wine – if any – you want to buy a case of, to bring home.  Vine user profiles (individuals and businesses) of course have email and website info for people to click if they are interested in knowing more about you, your wares, and/or services…

So…how are Instagram and Vine impacting news, business, fashion/apparel, and our agency clients?  The Mashable article states, “News as we know it is poised to change, and it’s in the hands of smartphone users.”  Of course, the same can be said of business, especially the fashion and apparel industry, where there has been so much acceptance and experimentation with image-oriented social media, mobile photo/video apps and editing, and Instagram in particular, since they were launched.  To recap:

  • Instagram (“IG”) is now a proven platform for image-based, keyword-tagged, marketing!
    • IG now feeds into Facebook photo albums, tabs and easily shared to other social media
    • It seems IG will keep on growing, and people will continue to find new ways to exploit it!
  • Vine offers a video snippet/vignette-sharing platform, in a short-form, which is almost like looking at a still image, for quick news or marketing/messaging!
    • There is something visceral, intriguing and exciting about a micro-video in a 6-second bite.
    • It’s like reality-TV, but without all the creepy stuff – just a quick impression – very compelling!

See you at the Agency!  Or maybe on Instagram and/or Vine one day soon (if you follow AgencyMGR, we’ll follow back, we promise!)…

 – AgencyMGR


PHOTO/IMAGE CREDITS:  NOT our images, borrowed and presented here for NEWS value/interest only…

  1. A-Rod photo: taken by Sports Photographer Nick Laham, published in the NY Times – ALL RIGHTS owned/retained by Owner(s)
  2. Vine Logo: screenshot of the main web page at – ALL RIGHTS/Copyright/TM owned/retained by Owner(s)

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