Booking Software Linked to Model Management and Accounting…at Last!

Finally, in response to demand (and a glaring lack of real solutions out there) we have done it: LINKED BOOKING TO MODEL MANAGEMENT AND ACCOUNTING!!  🙂

No, really – AgencyMGR has built THE BOOKING LINK – an integration from booking (model/artist/talent) into our specialized management and accounting system! 

Yes, at last, your agency’s model, artist and/or talent booking software system has a place to send your bookings and billing, so you can save time/cost, and increase the profitability of each job!  Our goal has been the same since 1997 – to provide a complete, integrated software platform to run your agency – combining your booking system, with our management system to be ONE system, or at least ONE, consistent set of transactions and data.  Many systems claim to be “model management” solutions, but most of them are booking systems and/or agency-related web services.  For more details about the differences, see our previous post on this site regarding Management vs. Management…  🙂

Booking Linked to Model Management & Accounting - at last!

We are not talking about a simple invoice dumped out to an accounting system, with TONS of manual effort (risky, error-prone, and costly!) required to manage model, artist/talent accounts, mother agencies, taxes, statements, and other specialized agency…  NO, no, the link AgencyMGR has created from your booking software is awesome – we do all that special stuff, and more!  Our LINK will save you money and time, and increase profitability of every job…

Of course, AgencyMGR has had a LINK for a while now, but recently, we made it much, much better, worthy of announcing it as “new and improved”, which is the reason for this post!  We even have an option for feeding our invoice information BACK to the booking system, to update the job/booking status and even “lock” it from further changes (option depending on your booking software)…

You can read more about our LINK from Model (and Artist/Talent) Booking–>Management–>Accounting by clicking on these links:

Email us at if you would like to learn more about the BOOKING LINK.  Or call +1 212 498 9777 to request a demo of AgencyManager and the Booking LINK!

– AgencyMGR

Ask how to link YOUR booking system to AgencyMGR ‘s management and accounting, using this form:

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