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33 Minutes on 13th Street in NYC

This post is of a video created by our own AgencyMGR partner Russ Murray, who shows his personal photographs and writings on and

The video is about 33 Minutes on 13th Street in NYC – the footwear, leg-wear, and passersby – interesting to see what walks by!

Warning: the music used in the video is “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – the EXPLICIT LYRICS version…  🙂

“I sat there on the stoop, exhausted from moving one of my kids into a tiny NYC apartment, waiting for food to be delivered… I watched the people walk by, then observed their footwear, leg-wear, dogs-on-leashes, and walking style, with amusement and occasional amazement.  I clicked away on my iPhone using the Hipstamatic camera app, to capture some of it, for 33 minutes…  So I put all the still images into a 2:33 video clip with music and titles, just for fun – enjoy!  In each image, notice how the foot planted on the pavement is clear, but the feet and legs in motion are all blurred…”

– Russ Murray

Images: captured on iPhone 5 with Hipstamatic camera app, using the Watts and the gritty, monochrome AO BW film (Nike) combination.

Video: assembled, titled, and music added using the SPLICE video editing app on iPhone 5.

Music: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Thrift Shop” (explicit lyrics version)

Check out the video on YouTube: