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There Snow Business Like Show Business (NYFW)

Today, New York Fashion Week wrapped up, with weather that would have been better at the Sochi Olympics–snow falling on athletes–not here, falling on fashionistas!  But, New Yorkers and the fashionable folk who flock here are tough, resilient…and fabulous!  So, the shows must go on, and they did.  You know, all the world’s a runway, and all the men and women, merely models…  (Sorry for the tortured Shakespeare pun)  🙂

We heard that to ensure a snowy Sochi Olympics, they saved up more than 400,000 tons of snow (somewhere, somehow), which they have been using to  dress up the slopes daily.  With temperatures in Sochi regularly above freezing, and the US getting so much snow, perhaps they should have just moved the Olympics this year to Central Park in NYC?  🙂

So, how was this stormy New York Fashion Week aka “NYFW”?  Well, we didn’t go this year, once again, because we were too busy supporting our model agency clients with all the new business they are doing this week!  (a great excuse, right?)  And of course, all the agencies were there, with their models and agents/bookers out in force…

Anyway, we’ve heard this NYFW was wonderful, and successful, and that Mercedes Benz (it’s often called Mercedes Benz Fashion Week these days – good PR and branding MB – well done!), who sponsors NYFW has been profiting nicely from it, along with all the fashion and apparel industry people…  Hmmm…I guess we can’t really comment on NYFW beyond that, and it’s not really our role to play favorites or have opinions about fashionable things anyway (publicly at least…buy us a drink and we’ll talk!), so here are a few links to what others have to say about the highlights, trends, and tragedies of New York Fashion Week February 2014 – ranging from haute couture to pure gossip:

Enjoy the NYFW links, fashion news, and the snow in NYC (more is falling as I post this)…  See you at the agency!

 – AgencyMGR

Photo Credits: both images are Copyright Mikiodo / Mike Chiodo, all rights reserved.