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What We Do? New Graphic with Answer

In the age of acronyms, abbreviations, assumptions, perceptions and other forms of unclear communication, we run the risk of misinterpretation, misunderstanding, and/or plain old confusion.  In that spirit, we made this new graphic to sum up WHAT we do at Agency Manager.

Who are we?  Company name: AGENCY MANAGER LLC, launched in 2012, when we acquired the intellectual property (software), and clients of Frenchware LLC.

What do we do?  AGENCY MANAGER provides booking, management, operations and accounting  Services & Software to Model-Talent-Artist agencies.

What do we sell?  Our main service/product name is: AgencyManager, also known as: AgencyMGR, “AMGR” or “AM” and formerly known (from 1997–2012) as “WinModel”…

Here’s the GRAPHIC we mentioned, which explains a little more…

AGENCY MANAGER also provides a world-class booking system detailed on a separate site:

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