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Street Peacocks Critical to Fashion?

Today, as NY Fashion Week wraps up with a few last shows,  AgencyMGR came across a great post/article on (one of our fave tech/news blog sites) about how those who “strut their stuff” on the streets of NYC (especially this past week) are critically important to the fashion industry.  We agree, and enjoy the show on the New York City streets all year around, but it is especially fabulous during Fashion Week!  🙂

Of course, NYC is special, but the same points made in the article will hold true in the other three fashion “capital” cities on the Fashion Week tour: London, Paris & Milan.  Watch out – Fashion Week events (and street-strutting of the “peacocks”) is also increasing in the second-tier fashion cities, now including (in alphabetical order): Amsterdam, Bangalore, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Dubai, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto…  So the fashion fun and people-watching is becoming truly global!

The article begins, “The streets of New York City can frequently be considered a runway in their own right, a veritable feast of people-watching — but never more so than when fashion week rolls around. Twice a year…”  [Read full article on Mashable…]

We wish all our agency clients and prospects great success, bringing in all the booking revenue from NY Fashion Week, in the months ahead!  Email or call AgencyMGR if you need software and support services, to help with managing or accounting for all that new business coming in!

See you at the agency!  Or on the streets, displaying your lovely “feathers”, and otherwise strutting your stuff…

 – AgencyMGR

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