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MAMA = Model Agency Management Architecture

Every model agency needs its MAMA!

AgencyMGR has evolved again… Hot on the heels of our booking interface (Booking LINK a.k.a.: BLINK) release, we are able to fly in and out of the “cloud” with our updated software/data architecture, which we call the “Model Agency Management Architecture” or “MAMA”!  We’ll have additional posts about the cloud, and how AgencyMGR can work in it, on-premise, hosted, local or both, with your booking/sales system as the front end.  Here’s the simple version of MAMA:

So, as you can see, our MAMA has got it going on!  🙂

How can you get AgencyMGR and our MAMA to run and manage your agency?  Email for more information ASAP!

— Agency Manager —

The more complicated MAMA: