AMAN-logo-vert-bk-gr-bl_mid_2000x2000Agency Manager LLC  is a company providing booking, accounting, tax, financial, reporting, operations and management software and services, for model, artist and talent agencies. Our solutions were born in Paris, are currently made in New York, delivered and supported globally.

AM-logo-bk-gy-bl_space_1600x1600Our agency management and accounting solution is simply named AgencyManager (no space), often called AgencyMGR, to match our website: AgencyMGR.com. Sometimes we refer to it by the long acronym “AMGR” or just short and sweet “AM” as it appears in our logo on the right.

AgencyMGR is delivered as a “subscription” service — a range of agency consulting, and support services — combined with software, which is included in the monthly service fee.  which is tailored (to fit your agency business), highly-functional, reliable, and fast, offering full detail-tracking, reporting and transparency for model, talent, artist and mother agency accounts. It is NOT an off-the-shelf accounting system with customers and vendors–AgencyManager is built from the ground up to run like YOUR agency–models, talent and artists, mother agencies,  can all be clients, and vendors, or both!

BLINK_Logo-chalet_3000x3000AgencyMGR has created our Booking LINK (or “BLINK”) to integrate with your booking system. The BLINK connects your front-end sales/CRM and booking system to our agency-specific accounting, management, operations, and financial functionality. The BLINK is either basic (one-way) or advanced (two-way, which only works with Booker at this time).

Agency Manager / GLUE = Gleneral Ledger Update ExportAgencyMGR also offers a General Ledger Update/Export (or “GLUE”) that links to your  G/L accounting system, including both on-premise (local server/network) and cloud (web-hosted/SaaS) options. The AgencyMGR GLUE binds our subledger accounting, with your banking and country-specific financial reporting, in the general ledger of your agency’s accounting system.

We have developed an overall data and financial architecture for agencies, which we call (for fun) the  Model Agency Management Architecture a.k.a.: “MAMA” (though it also works for talent and artist agencies!). In other words, your model/talent and/or artist agency’s accounting system is kept up-to-date by AgencyMGR via our MAMA, providing localized, country-specific, accounting functionality for your agency company/corporation, including: General Ledger, Banking, and Financial Statements.

KEY BENEFITS / AgencyMGR enables agencies to:

  1. Lower COSTS
  2. Optimize TIME
  3. Decrease EFFORT
  4. Avoid ERRORS
  5. Increase REVENUE
  6. Increase PROFITS

[Find out HOW AgencyMGR delivers these Benefits…]

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