Benefits of AgencyMGR

IMG_9541After many years of experience (since 1997), we can boldly and truthfully claim that our solutions enable ALL our clients to Lower COSTS, Optimize TIME, Decrease EFFORT, Avoid ERRORS. Increase REVENUE, and Increase PROFIT.  No, really–it’s true!

As the owner of our first agency client puts it so eloquently, “Any agency using AgencyMGR will save 40-60 % on accounting, personnel and operating costs.” We agree! That’s a lot of agency revenue turning into profit, as it should…

Do we really offer amazing Return-On-Investment or “ROI” as we claim?  Yes, actually!  But how does Agency Manager do these six things, delivering such great benefits and results? Well, it all begins with two core differences in our solution, which make it all possible:

  1. AgencyMGR’s Data Architecture is designed specifically, and ONLY for the way an agency works–it’s NOT a generic accounting system, nor is it some Frankenstein attempt to modify traditional accounting software, by stitching together incompatible bits and pieces!
  2. We know the Agency Business! Our credentials are impeccable, our history and experience unmatched–we are NOT software people trying to learn the agency business–we are model, talent, artist agency people, who made software that perfectly fits the business!

AMAN-logo-vert-w-gr-bl_mid_2000x1240In other words, in creating the three major versions of AgencyMGR over the years–punchcards in Paris, WinModels in New York (1997), updated and relaunched as Agency Manager in 2013–our team has always been industry insiders, who know the business, so our solutions  just look, and feel like an agency works.

That being said, here are the key ways our model, talent and artist agency clients have achieved the BIG SIX business benefits mentioned above, and listed below, by using Agency Manager over the years:

    • Fewer people getting more work done = lower people costs.
    • Robust agency features and reporting = lower accountant/audit costs.
    • Growth without hiring more people = lower people costs.
    • Fewer mistakes and errors = fewer penalties, lower cost-of-doing-business.
    • Get more done in less time = less stress, more time to grow business.
    • Minimize time spent on  transactions = more time for analysis, improvement.
    • Transparency and ease-of-use = quick research, and resolution of issues.
    • Agency-specific functionality = less manual effort, fewer workarounds, etc.
    • Works, looks and feels like an agency = less training, easier entries, fewer problems.
    • Transparency and ease-of-use = less effort to find, and act on information.
    • Less manual effort and workarounds = fewer errors and mistakes.
    • Agency-specific data structure = fewer entry  errors being made in the first place.
    • Transparency and ease-of-use = easier to find and resolve user errors.
    • Capture ALL booking revenue via BLINK = bill them, bill them all!
    • Capture ALL charge-backs and expenses = bill more, minimize lost revenue.
    • Impress clients with your well-run business = more new business, more revenue!
    • Lower costs for the same revenue = higher profit!
    • Doing more in less time = increased profit!
    • Run business with less effort = higher profit!
    • Avoid errors, losses and penalties = increased profit!
    • Increased revenue, with same, or lower costs = higher profit!

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