Our History

A few bits of our storied past, and a few stories about our beloved founder… In a simplified timeline, it went something like this:

The First Paris Agency >> Big Iron >> Glamour >> DNA Models >> WinModel >> AgencyMGR >> AGENCY MANAGER  

Our founder was Jerome Bonnouvrier (pictured below), whose family owned the first model agency in Paris. Jerome helped to launch the first agency outside of Paris, in New York (FORD), and went on to launch a new agency in Paris, which he sold to launch another in NYC years later, which became very successful (DNA).  

Jerome Bonnouvrier
Jerome Bonnouvrier

In the early years, Jerome ran an accounting service for all Paris agencies, using an early “punch-card” mainframe computer. He was an industry leader, a trusted friend and colleague to all of them.  In 1997 Jerome created WinModel in New York City (with Pierre Charpy coding), as the precursor to the software we call Agency Manager today.

Agency Manager is the software formerly known as WinModelWinModel and its French sister product called “Models”, were both based on the old previous mainframe (punch-card) software and accounting service Jerome launched and ran for years in Paris.  Both systems were built upon Jerome’s vast industry knowledge (including agency-specific accounting requirements), from the earliest days of modeling agencies in Paris, and New York.

When WinModel was created in 1997, the core was developed for the Microsoft Windows platform (thus the name), and later used as the common core for the France-only “Models”, to which all the unique French employment and financial functionality was added.

In 2001, WinModel went through a significant architecture change, moving to the Microsoft SQL database platform, which greatly increased speed, and reliability, especially for our big clients with a high number of models-talents-artists, and transaction volume.  Our French sister “Models” was moved to the same architecture soon after that.

in 2010, after the passing of our beloved founder in 2009, WinModel was re-named, as sales and support moved to a new company called AgencyMGR.  The website ManageMy.Agency was launched in 2012. We began work on our Booking LINK (“BLINK”) architecture specifications, and built several booking system –> AgencyMGR integration tools.

The software formerly known as "WinModel" (now called Agency Manager)

In 2015, in response to our clients calling us (and writing checks to) “Agency Manager” we decided to make it simple, and clear and change the software, service and company name formally to Agency Manager.  Voila!

Currently, Agency Manager - management and accounting solutions for Model-Talent-Artist AgenciesAgency Manager is in development of our next-generation software and service platform, using “smart application” and cloud (web-based) technologies. We will soon have two versions: (1) Dedicated (for larger agencies) and (2) SaaS or “Software as a Service” (for small agencies). Also, we have created a “BLINK” (Booking LINK) to connect any agency booking system to our accounting and management solutions.

See you at the Agency!


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