Our People

Key People of Agency Manager:

Russ Murray
  |  Managing Partner
Roles: Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Customer Service, Administration, Agency+Business Consulting

Russ is a business and accounting technology veteran, having worked with model/talent agencies since 1997. He combines a love of relationship-based solution selling, with on-premise and web/cloud software expertise, creative thinking, social media savvy, and a fanatical devotion to customer satisfaction.

IMG_9543Pierre Charpy  |  Managing Partner
Roles: Development, Customization, Support, Customer Service, Administration, Agency Business Consulting

Pierre is the core of our AgencyManager solution – knowledgeable, intuitive, capable, providing value to our clients every day, week, quarter, year, ongoing… He offers deep experience across varied clients systems, processes, and unique model, talent and artist agency business needs.

jeromebonnouvrier_961x683Jerome Bonnouvrier  |  Founder
Roles: Creator, Concepteur, Catalyst, Founder of WinModels/Models, Friend, Industry Leader

Jerome created WinModel in New York City (with Pierre Charpy), starting in 1997, as the precursor to the software we call AgencyManager today. WinModel (and its French sister product called “Models”), was based on the old previous mainframe (punch-card!) software and accounting service Jerome launched and ran for years in Paris. Both systems were built upon Jerome’s vast industry knowledge (including agency-specific accounting requirements), from the earliest days of modeling agencies in Paris, and New York…

Jerome was a driving force behind the modeling industry.  He was also a dear friend and colleague to many, who will always be missed and remembered…



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