The Agency Manager team offers a full range of services, to support our solution, and ensure your model, talent and/or artist agency runs smoothly, efficiently, profitability, and transparently, with excellent decision-making data and information readily available.

Agency Manager Services are available in three basic categories, including several service types, listed here:

INITIALIZATION Services / One-time, to Launch AgencyMGR

  • Installation
  • Data Conversion
  • Initialize Data / Settings
  • Accounting Setup/Configuration
  • Training / Walk-Throughs
  • Consulting / Operations

INCLUDED Services / in Monthly Service-Software Fee

  • Application Support
  • Break / Fix Resolution
  • Software Updates / Patches
  • Re-Training / New Personnel
  • Consulting / Optimization
  • New Versions / Releases
  • REAL-IT Check (our annual system status “reality check”)

SPECIAL Services / Projects & Unique Needs, Requests

  • As-Needed / Upon Request
  • Non-Standard Requirements
  • Customization & Modification
  • Specialized Reporting

What you represent, we will manage!

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