Once you are “initialized” and your agency is up-and-running on AgencyMGR, you will receive many excellent, valuable, ongoing services INCLUDED with the monthly licensing fee.

AgencyMGR is all about moving your agency to an efficient, cost-saving, management and accounting platform–getting it prepped, loaded, connected, and launched!

The successful launch of AgencyMGR will ensure your agency runs efficiently, with lower costs, enabling daily management and accounting tasks to be accomplished quickly and easily.  It all begins with our “agency initialization” services–all the preliminary hard work to get you up-and-running smoothly from day one…luckily, we have lots of experience, and we’re really good at it!  Just ask any of our clients

Services INCLUDED with the AgencyMGR monthly fee:

  • Application Support
    • Total, Regular, Ongoing, Application Support!
    • Whatever you need to keep AgencyMGR and related/connected systems running smoothly…
    • Phone, Remote or Onsite Support dealing with Glitches, User Errors, New/unexpected Scenarios, Problems, etc.
  • Break/Fix Resolution
    • Correct Errors, Fix Problems, Re-writes, Adjustments…
    • Basically, we fix anything that goes wrong with the AgencyMGR software…
    • Luckily, AgencyMGR is VERY reliable, so this is minimal…
  • Software Updates / Patches
    • Software Enhancements, New Features, New Code, Maintenance Releases
    • Incremental “releases” as they come out during the year…
    • May include small fixes, code updates, functional improvements, etc.
  • Re-Training / New Personnel
    • Refresher training, new/unused features, etc.!
    • Review of newly-released functionality included with updates/maintenance
    • Training on previously unused functionality, due to changes in requirements
    • Reasonable refresher course for existing, previously-trained personnel
    • Basic training, walk-through, day-in-the-life sessions for new personnel…
  • Consulting / Optimization
    • General Business/Management and Agency Consulting
    • Inevitably, we advise our clients on business/agency operations issues, as they relate to AgencyMGR…
    • Also, we are often asked by clients to opine on general agency business and strategic ideas (confidentially, of course!)
  • New Versions / Releases
    • All New, Major Releases and Versions of AgencyMGR
    • When a BIG change, module, or new, full version is released – you get it!
    • New Versions may include significant, new functionality, completely new modules, or other components in or connected to AgencyMGR, and even new platforms (new code language, new database, new portals, etc.)
    • Your System/Status Annual Check-Up
    • Each year, we should have a session with you to review how your AgencyMGR and other systems are serving your needs!
    • Click here to read/download the REAL IT CHECK PDF (opens in new tab/window)

Agency Manager - Services & Support - Model-Talent-Artist Agenciy Software

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