Initialization of AgencyMGR is all about moving your agency to an efficient, cost-saving, management and accounting platform–getting it prepped, loaded, connected, and launched!

The successful launch of AgencyMGR will ensure your agency runs efficiently, with lower costs, enabling daily management and accounting tasks to be accomplished quickly and easily.  It all begins with our “agency initialization” services–all the preliminary hard work to get you up-and-running smoothly from day one…luckily, we have lots of experience, and we’re really good at it!  Just ask any of our clients

AgencyMGR INITIALIZATION includes the following:

  • Installation
    • Server/Desktop/Mobile Setup & Configuration
    • Coordinated with your internal, or third-party IT resources
    • We can recommend IT resources, if your agency needs…
  • Data Conversion
    • Legacy/Existing Data: Models, Clients, Balances, etc.
    • We will do our best to “massage” your legacy data into usable form, and optimize it…
    • We have tackled and solved many complex problems with “dirty” data in the past…
  • Initialize Data / Settings
    • Data Loading, Populate System with Client Information – get ready to run!
    • This process is a combination of data, plus your business process and requirements
    • Calendar/fiscal year go-live is ideal, but end-of-quarter or end-of-month initialization is also possible–whatever you need!
  • Accounting Setup / Configuration
    • Connecting to your G/L, financial statement, and pure business (non-model/talent) entity accounting!
    • Using one of our Existing Accounting System Integrations (Dynamics NAV, Netsuite, etc.), or…
    • We will connect AgencyMGR (somehow!) to whatever accounting system your agency is running!
  • Training / Walk-Throughs
    • To get you and your staff fast, functional and profitable using AgencyMGR!
    • Includes: Owners, Managers, Accountants, Clerks, Assistants, etc.
  • Consulting / Operations
    • New Agency, or Evolving/Changing, Strategic, before launch…

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