Real-IT Check

Are you getting maximum ROI out of your agency accounting, booking and management systems?

the Agency Manager REAL-IT CHECKFYI and BTW…ROI = Return On Investment (something many agencies have not gained from some or all of their technology “investments” yet)…

No matter what version or type of business software and hardware you are running, you need to evaluate how they‘re working for you, at least once a year.  It‘s not that systems break (most are pretty reliable today), but because things change—you need to check if last year‘s dreams and goals are met by today‘s realities.

Our REAL-IT CHECK is a quick, thorough business systems  + process review, delivering real insight & ideas—for free!

REAL-IT CHECK? Top 4 Reasons to get one:

  1. Time passed – drifted off course?
    Lost your bearing?  Systems can end up in unexpected places, original direction lost, training forgotten, unfixed problems leading to workarounds, errors producing unwanted results, available features unused, and maintenance neglected.  We can not only get you back on course, but also optimize and squeeze more out of your business systems & AgencyMGR!
  2. barometer - REAL-IT Check | AgencyMGRPersonnel Changes – new crew on deck?
    Who‘s got the helm – a new Captain?  A new CFO or Controller?  New managers, agents, or accounting people?  Every new employee brings new ideas to work, especially at the management level.  New people introduce new processes and may want different results from the system.  A new crew needs training in functions and best practices in critical business systems like AgencyMGR and your G/L!
  3. Marketplace – had a sea change?
    New competition, partners, taxes, fees, laws, locations or strategies?  Changing demands from your clients?  Need to lower costs through increased efficiency?  Your systems and AgencyMGR must be adapted to changes in the marketplace!
  4. Business Changes – how to navigate?
    Agencies may grow, shrink, adapt, change focus, management and/or business models.  Your business systems must accommodate changing needs.  We can help you navigate the changes in your business with AgencyMGR – call us!

What Do We Do & How? How It Works and What You Get:

Typically, a REALIT CHECK session is 2-4 hours onsite.  We look at your AgencyManager database, license, modifications, evaluate setups, configurations, including the Booking LINK (BLINK), examine errors/issues, gather wish list items, set priorities, assess system performance, and document the flow of people, paper, procedures.  We discuss changes in your personnel, offices, and operations which may have changed how the systems accommodate your needs.  Next, we will write up and deliver our observations, opinions, ideas, and recommendations for how to get more out of your system(s).

Email to schedule your session ASAP!  See you at the agency…

– AgencyMGR

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