First, we need to say that ALL our services are “special” from years of model/talent agency experience, and years of evolving the AgencyMGR (formerly WinModel) solution!  Our team brings added value, every day, to every agency client, in the form of business and management expertise and consulting, far above and beyond simple software application or user support…

Agency Manager - Services & Support - Model-Talent-Artist Agenciy SoftwareBut on this page, the “Special Services” we mention are the additional, unique, requested, separate, new project services, outside of the support included with your monthly licensing of AgencyMGR.  Special is anything other than the norm, beyond the regular, or simply extraordinary — just for you! 

Every agency business and its people — owners, managers, directors, agents, accountants, etc. — are unique. On top of that, the business environment and financial requirements evolve and change continually, so we regularly get client requests for special services, and special changes to AgencyMGR functionality and/or reports.  We evaluate each new request, consider if it is truly unique to the client requesting it, or if it is a universal, generic requirement, which should be incorporated into the next release of AgencyMGR to improve the system for all users.  If good for all, no charge to you. But if it is unique to your agency — something we will deliver separately, directly, to your specifications only — we will propose a reasonable fee.

AgencyMGR SPECIAL Services:

As-Needed / Upon Request / Non-Standard Requirements

  • Extraordinary, unique, whatever your agency requests!
  • Special services, upon request, for systems outside of, but related or connected to AgencyMGR, such as:
  • Accounting & Reporting – if you are using Dynamics NAV or another accounting system…
  • Server Setup/Maintenance – beyond the installation of AgencyMGR
  • Client Computer & IT services – PCs, Macs, MS Office, browsers, other operating systems & applications.
  • Support services (upon request) for AgencyMGR and related systems – billed separately
  • May include: fixing repetitive user errors (after multiple training sessions), training new personnel, etc.

Customization & Modification  

  • New, outside projects, changes to AgencyMGR, or your accounting interface!
  • Unique functionality may be considered for AgencyMGR to accommodate your unique requirements, but…
  • We generally prefer to gather requirements and “wish-list” items from all users over time.
  • Then incorporate changes and release improvements in new versions, to the benefit of all users.
  • A standard system is more stable and easier to support.
  • BUT, of course we will accommodate your special, unique business requirements!

Specialized Reporting

  • New, special reports, changes, just for your agency!
  • Custom reports for AgencyMGR can be easily performed upon request to suit your specific needs
  • Tools: Jet Reports, QQUBE (Clearify), Crystal Reports, SQL Reporting Services (“SRS”)
  • Accounting & Financial Statements: your G/L and system reports may also be customized.
  • QuickBooks report customization is available utilizing the QQUBE data warehouse…

Web Design & Development

Benefits of AgencyMGR — What you represent, we will manage!

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