MAMA = Model Agency Management Architecture / Agency Manager Solutions

As shown in our Model Agency Management Architecture (MAMA) diagram above, we offer a five-tier solutions stack, consisting of three software, and two data integration tools, designed specifically and only for model, talent and artist agencies. Click the links in the list of our solutions below, for more information:

  1. Booking System (Booker – software-SaaS-cloud)
  2. Booking LINK (“BLINK” integration tool)
  3. AgencyManager (“AgencyMGR” software)
  4. General Ledger Update Export (“GLUE” integration tool)
  5. G/L & Accounting (country-localized software-SaaS-cloud)

Click to View Full-sized Image (Accounts Receivable)AgencyMGR is a world-class accounting, tax, financial, operations and management software solution for model, talent and artist agencies. Key functional areas of our solutions are detailed on these pages:

Accounting (localized G/L) Options:

Agency Manager / GLUE = Gleneral Ledger Update ExportIn response to customer demand for us to connect the sub-ledgers of AgencyMGR to existing, or desired, country-specific G/L (general ledger) systems — on local networks or hosted in the cloud — integration with a variety of financial and banking systems worldwide, is now possible by using our GLUE integration tool!

The AgencyMGR GLUE tool is a key  component of our Model Agency Management Architecture (“MAMA”), which incorporates all three software tools, and two integration tools, listed above. The GLUE is shown as a black (integration tool,  a.k.a.: “black box”) layer in the graphic at the top of this page…

Click to View Full-sized Image (Voucher Input)Email us for more information about accounting system options (local/network, cloud-based, and hybrid-cloud) for AgencyMGR. We are authorized to sell and support some G/L & accounting systems directly (Xero, QuickBooks, etc), while we work with proven, trusted local partners in many cities and countries, to support others (Dynamics NAV, NetSuite, Intacct, Sage, SAP, etc.).

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This AgencyMGR solution page, and its sub-pages, will be updated periodically with additional solution offerings, detailed information, links and resources related to:

  • New & Improved Reports & Tools.
  • New & improved functionality in the new version.
  • Updates & Enhancements to existing “WinModel” installations.
  • Development of the next generation AgencyMGR (mid-2017?)

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