Agency G/L/U/E

This page is about the Agency G/L/U/E or “General Ledger Update Export” software tool and web service created by Agency Solutions LLC for accounting connectivity and integration for model, talent, and artist agencies.

Our G/L/U/E> connector tool comes in two versions:

  1. [AgencyMGR>>G/L] — the GLUE> connector from our Agency Manager agency accounting suite, to the general ledger system used by your agency.  We have GLUED to Acumatica, Dynamics NAV, NetSuite, Sage, QuickBooks, and more…
  2. [Booking System>>G/L] — the GLUE> connector directly from your booking system to QuickBooks Online, providing faster billing, invoicing, and general accounting in a simplified configuration for smaller agencies.

Ask us how the Agency G/L/U/E> can help your agency’s billing and accounting run faster, and more accurately, so you get paid more quickly for each job!

[Agency Solutions]

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