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Agency Manager Portal = AM Portal or AMPWe released v1.0 of our web-connector for AgencyManager in 2012 and called it the “AM Portal” or “AMP” for short. Since then, v2.0 of the AMP has been re-imagined, re-purposed, and redeveloped, with input from our clients, to be released in late 2018…

Agency Manager Portal = AMP

AMP v2.0 is planned for release soon, and will open a pipe, window, or doorway (depending on user/role and functionality) in the “cloud” for Agents, Directors, Models, Artists and other Talent, to create, manage and update their profiles, account, and banking-payment information directly from the web.  

AMP = Connecting AgencyMGR to the Cloud

Prior to releasing AMP v2.0, the Agency Manager Portal has been renamed to simply “AgencyPortal” consistent with the names of our other solutions for model, talent, and artist agencies. We’ve got a new “ap” logo for the Agency Portal (on right), which echoes the look of the “ab” (agency-booker, booker-agent, and accounting-books), the “ag” (agency-g-l-u-e), and “am” (agency manager) logos for our complete family of solutions.

Agency Portal = Web Access, Apps & Tools for Model, Talent & Artist Agencies.

Follow us @AgencyPortal (Instagram) and @MyAgencyPortal (Twitter) — our separate feeds for Agency Portal — posts will focus on agency industry news, and images of doors, windows and tunnels (like portals, access, etc.) from agencies, and fashion cities.

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Let us know if your agency wants to get AMP’d!

— Agency Manager —

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