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Agency Manager / GLUE = Gleneral Ledger Update ExportWhatever localized, country-specific, existing or desired accounting systems you can come up with, AgencyMGR’s  General Ledger Update-Export (or “GLUE”) integration tool can most likely connect to it — easily!

Agency Manager General Ledger Update/Export or

On the right, you can see a simplified data flow diagram with our GLUE integration layer (orange bar) between AgencyMGR and YOUR localized general ledger (click image to view full-sized in a new window). Below, is a list of the some of the world-class Accounting Systems we have interfaced, connected, and “GLUED” to already, in various countries, along with a few more in progress.

Accounting Systems we are, or will be, GLUED to:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision)
    • The first AgencyMGR-integrated accounting solution since 1999…
    • High-performance, reliable, dimensional G/L and reporting
    • On-Premise (local/network), Hosted (cloud/on “Azure”) or via SharePoint/Office 365-integrated!
  • INTACCT = World-Class Cloud Accounting
    • hosted/cloud-only, like NetSuite, but appears well suited to agency needs and GLUE
  • QuickBooks – Pro & Enterprise
    • We have developed the GLUE specs to work perfectly with both QuickBooks Pro and Enterprise
    • The data structure of QB in both versions, is identical, and consistent wtih GLUE.
    • Inexpensive alternative to NAV and NetSuite, for small to mid-sized agencies
  • XERO = Cloud Accounting
    • Pending details
  • NetSuite – Online Accounting
    • SAAS/Hosted/Online ONLY
    • Web-based, multi-country, multi-currency
  • Other Accounting Systems?
    • We are continually evaluating other accounting systems and integrations to AgencyMGR, via GLUE, as clients request them.
    • We will accommodate agencies with existing accounting systems as much as possible, using our standardized Model Agency Management Architecture (“MAMA”)
    • Country-specific versions – local accounting systems + AgencyMGR “Localization Module” to satisfy local tax and employee/model legal requirements.
    • Sage – we are looking at the 100/300 and 500 series products – online and on-premise.

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