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AgencyMGR offers world-class model, artist, and talent agency-specific management and accounting.  But we have to take a moment to differentiate our “model management” functionality from what booking systems and other agency-related software out there claim to be doing using the same phrase… 

Trust us, their “management” is not the same as ours!  We do what we do and they do something completely different… 

What do we do?  AgencyMGR takes job billing data in from your booking system, as shown on our Booking LINK page, confirms job “delivery” (to clients) through our Vouchers, creates and sends invoices to clients, manages all the accounts — models, artists, talent, clients, mother agencies, vendors — with agency-specific functionality, manages model and corporate taxes, charge-backs, expenses, and much more.  The rest of our functionality is the sub-ledger accounting in AgencyMGR, which you can read more about on the AM Accounting page of this site.

To make all this work as ONE SOLUTION for agencies, AgencyMGR has created a complete, integrated Model Agency Management Architecture or “MAMA” comprised of three main components: Booking System <–> Management/Accounting (AgencyMGR) –> General Ledger/Financials.  Every agency needs their MAMA!  Don’t worry, MAMA works for talent and artist agencies too, but that ruins the cute acronym (TAMA or AAMA does not work)… 🙂

This diagram describes MAMA, and shows our ability to have one or more solution components local and/or in the “cloud” as shown:


In this “MAMA” agency solution architecture, AgencyMGR‘s  management (and accounting) functions connect to, integrate with and complement the booking systems who claim to be “model management” but are really what we refer to as the “agency front-office”.  For additional details about AgencyMGR‘s management functionality and capabilities, plus the differences between the agency front-office and the back-office, you can read a relevant blog post here: Model Management vs. Model Management?

Get AgencyMGR and reap the benefits!


— Agency Manager —

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