AM Portal

Agency Manager Portal = AM Portal or AMP

AgencyManager Portal = AMP

AMP = Connecting AgencyManager to the Cloud

We released v1.0 of our web-connector for AgencyManager in 2012 and called it the “AM Portal” or “AMP” for short. Since then, v2.0 of the AM Portal has been re-imagined, re-purposed, and redeveloped, with input from our clients, to be released soon…

If yAM_Portal-O-Prod-Logo4bk_1960x1960ou are an Agency, get ready to get AMP’d!!!

Our AMP/v2.0 is planned for release in early 2017, and will open a pipe, window, or doorway (depending on user/role and functionality) in the “cloud” for Models-Talent-Artists to manage and update their profile, account and banking/payment information directly.  

AM_Portal-O-Prod-Logo4gy_1960x1960We are considering some additional features for the AM Portal, which have been requested by our clients — this page will be updated soon with details!

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