Booking LINK (“BLINK”)

THINK-BLINK_Logo-chal-alt_2800x2800To satisfy the ongoing needs, and optimize the business of our agency clients, we created our Booking LINK (“BLINK“) to connect your booking system to the model-talent-artist, client, and mother agency accounting and management functionality of AgencyMGR.

The BLINK was created to:

  1. Maximize Job Income = Capture 100% of booking revenue
  2. Minimize Errors, Risks & Loss = Fewer Mistakes & Penalties
  3. Minimize Time, Effort & Cost = Stop Manual Entries & Audit/Checking
  4. Synchronize Key Data = Automatic Updates of Jobs, Client Billing Info
  5. Maximize Profit = Capture All Charge-backs, Expenses, Taxes

AgencyMGR perfectly handles agency management, accounting (country-localized), and much more, but it is NOT a booking system! Instead, AgencyMGR takes over once a job is “ready-to-bill” and is received from the booking system via the BLINK, or is imported (or otherwise entered) manually. AgencyMGR is designed to do everything for your agency after booking, including:

  • To accept valid job billing entries and other relevant, pre-defined financial data sent from the booking system
  • Process all Job Orders/Vouchers –> Invoicing with agency-specific data structures and dimensions
  • Manage Model-Talent-Artist and Mother Agency Accounts, and Adjustments
  • Process Payments to Vendors, Model Job Expenses, Charge-backs, Taxes and other Payables
  • Manage Receivables, Collections, Management Reporting, sub-ledger Financial Statements, etc.

The BLINK to/from Booking <–> AgencyMGR is CRITICAL!

But how do we transfer a completed, “ready to bill” job from the booking system into AgencyMGR, and then sync the booking system with job changes and billing info updates?  We have built the BLINK as a two-way application-data-integration. This diagram shows the basic BLINK concept:


For more information about the data we sync via BLINK to/from various booking systems, into AgencyMGR, click here to review our Booking Interface Required Data.

Depending on your role/needs, and other agency requirements, we’ll work with you to make the BLINK interface to AgencyMGR work perfectly!

Get the BLINKAgencyMGR and reap the benefits!

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