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BLINK_(4)ab-phrases_lg-bl-bk_1600x800.pngThis is NOT an overview of booking system functionality such as: booking, imaging, scouting, casting, and web content management.  Instead, it’s about how to get the jobs and billing from your booking system into your (or our) system(s) for agency management, operations, banking, accounting, and reporting.

Our focus is on using the Booking LINK (“BLINK“) to help you get the most out of your jobs, models, mother agencies and direct booking partners, by connecting your booking system to AgencyMGR with the following key benefits:

  1. Maximize Job Income = Capture 100% of booking revenue
  2. Minimize Errors, Risks & Loss = Fewer Mistakes & Penalties
  3. Minimize Time, Effort & Cost = Stop Manual Entries & Audit/Checking
  4. Synchronize Key Data = Automatic Updates of Jobs, Client Billing Info
  5. Maximize Profit = Capture All Charge-backs, Expenses, Taxes

Evolution: from the beginning of model-talent-artist representation by agencies, there was always business management, and accounting; first on paper, then on “big iron” mini-mainframes, then personal computers, networks, and now online. In fact, AgencyMGRs roots go all way back to the first agencies in Paris, which managed their accounting on mainframes!

Booking systems: began similarly, as physical photographs, portfolios, paper files, and calendars — originally on a rotating “lazy Susan” on each booking table — evolving into software as the the industry grew, the business pace and demands increased, and technology offered new ways for agents to make bookings.

Six Key Functional Areas of a Booking System:

  • BOOKING = Jobs / Options / Contracts / Usages / CRM
  • IMAGING = Portfolio / Books / Packages / Images / Videos
  • MODEL = Profile / Manage / Statistics / Scout / Develop
  • CLIENT = Manage / Prospect / Close / Mother Agencies
  • WEBSITE = Site / Create / Upload / Content / Management
  • BLINK = Booking LINK to management and accounting system (to AgencyMGR of course!)

We can use our BLINK to interface with any booking system — whatever you are running now, or plan to install — EMAIL US what you currently have, or need from a new booking system!  We will gladly give you some free advice regarding how to BLINK your booking system to AgencyMGR, or how to select a new one (we are consultants/partners too). 


Once a job is booked and ready to bill, the contract signed, the job data has to move from your booking system to your agency-specific accounting and management system (AgencyMGR). Depending on which booking system you have, this is done either by sending “Ready-to-Bill” or Invoiced Jobs, depending on whether your booking system has invoicing built-in, or not. We can adjust the amount and type of data being sent , one- or two-way (push, or bi-directional) using our BLINK data integration tool.

Please EMAIL US with any questions, or to request a demonstration of AgencyMGR, the BLINK, or to ask about our recommended Booking System.

Get the BLINK + AgencyMGR and reap the benefits!

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